2023 B2B SaaS Lifecycle Model Conversion Rate Benchmarks

In this video, Chris Boulas, the founder and CEO of Formulytic, a leading provider of demand generation and revenue operations consulting services for B2B SaaS organizations, discusses updated lead lifecycle model conversion rate benchmarks for B2B businesses in 2023. Chris outlines three core takeaways from the video. Firstly, he explains that while discussing the traditional […]

Breakdown: Understanding Revenue Ops, Marketing Ops, and Sales Ops

Let’s break down the differences between the roles of Revenue Operations, Marketing Operations, and Sales Operations. Often, these terms get used interchangeably, most of the time wrongfully so. However, there are acceptable scenarios under which certain words can be used interchangeably, so let’s walk away feeling like we have a good understanding of not only […]

Let’s Break Down a SaaS Company Together!

Let’s break down a SaaS business together! We choose a company at random located in the US doing over $10MM revenue. Then we review the company’s business model, revenue and headcount, and how they go to market and acquire new business.