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SEO is complex. We aren't. Our unique SEO framework helps you measure content performance, not just rankings.

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Our Methodology

Marketing automation isn’t simply used for automating the sending of emails. When paired with Salesforce, you’re able to completely transform your marketing and sales organization in a way that gives you more visibility and more importantly, more control over your lead and opportunity lifecycle. Formulytic’s approach is both strategic and tactical, serving as an extension of your team to build a world-class marketing operations infrastructure capable of meeting marketing objectives as well as supporting the sales team with the right leads qualified by marketing to meet their numbers.

Partnering with Your Content Writers

Content is the backbone of our SEO strategy, as it should be. Our primary focus is on growing topline organic traffic that converts. We accomplish this through 2 core pillars – planning content that speaks to the solutions your product or service provides, and measuring your content's ability to facilitate new leads through to pipeline.

A Typical Project Includes


Keyword Identification

Content Theming

Performance Analysis

Content Feedback Loop


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