Full-Funnel Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation That Saves You Time

Both marketing and sales teams rely on marketing automation platforms to reach their goals. Formulytic is an experienced implementation consultant for Marketo, Hubspot, Act-On, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


A Holistic View of your Funnel

Marketing automation isn’t simply used for automating the sending of emails. When paired with Salesforce, you’re able to completely transform your marketing and sales organization in a way that gives you more visibility and more importantly, more control over your lead and opportunity lifecycle. Formulytic’s approach is both strategic and tactical, serving as an extension of your team to build a world-class marketing operations infrastructure capable of meeting marketing objectives as well as supporting the sales team with the right leads qualified by marketing to meet their numbers.

Pairing Marketing Automation with Salesforce

Modern-day marketing teams are responsible for delivering opportunities to your sales team, so it’s important they have visibility into both lead flow and lead quality across all of your marketing programs. At the same time, sales teams no longer care solely about lead volume and quality. They care about deeper engagement – which content prospects are reading, which emails are opened, and how they interact with the website. These requirements place a high value on ensuring your Salesforce and marketing automation instances function seamlessly together.


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