Salesforce Administration

New implementations. Third-party integrations. Ongoing Administration.

Salesforce touches all facets of your business. We’re experienced Salesforce consultants and administrators supporting B2B organizations. From marketing and sales to finance and post-sales, we’re able to support your teams with both new implementations as well as ongoing management.

New Implementations

We turn a daunting task into a pleasant one. We’ll help you set up a new instance as a core component of your marketing infrastructure so Salesforce aligns with the way you do business.

Ongoing Administration

Partner with us as an extension of your team for all ongoing Salesforce administration needs. We help you leverage Salesforce in conjunction with Marketing automation to design and optimize a funnel and all rules that govern lead flow through marketing and sales.

Advanced Management

Including third-party app integrations, custom objects and workflows, validations rules, auto-response handling, permissions management, and more.

Reporting and Dashboards

We help you highlight successes and areas for improvement across your funnel with emphasis on data transparency so both marketing and sales are able to work toward common goals. Additionally, we surface data from your marketing automation platform into Salesforce for consolidated reporting and visibility.

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Design, Build, Optimize

Your CRM is the backbone of your company’s operations, and it’s no secret that marketing and sales alignment is paramount to your success, so it’s even more important to ensure you Salesforce and marketing automation instances function like a well-oiled machine that helps automate and support your team’s existing processes and workflow.

For this reason, Formulytic partners with your company to design and build your entire marketing and sales funnel. From initial lead procurement through to won opportunity, we help you implement, configure, and manage your Salesforce and marketing automation instances to deliver across all stages of your funnel.

General Administration

We’ll help you handle all standard object user permissions from role management to field level security and page layouts. Oversee all levels of object automation – inclusive of workflow rules, apex triggers, field validation, and auto response rules.

Advanced Administration

For businesses with complex operations, we’ll help you design and build custom objects, and validate their interaction with standard object records. We also provide IDE support – the ability to make complex system optimizations at scale via API, and sandbox testing and management of deployment change sets.

Data Management

Data cleansing, duplicate record management, and batch updates of records. We’ll also manage the bidirectional sync between Salesforce and your marketing automation platform and ensure data consistency across platforms. We can also manage integrations with third party data cleanse or field append solutions.

Third-Party Integrations

Having a pulse on every part of your marketing tech stack is important. We’ll help you identify overlap, and help you ensure your existing tools are properly integrated with Salesforce via AppExchange where applicable.

We help you find answers to questions such as…
  • How many leads are coming in each month by source?
  • Which marketing programs are generating the most revenue?
  • How can I see which marketing programs are contributing to sales pipeline?
  • How clean is our database? Do we have a lot of duplicates that need to be merged?
  • Am I able to see the conversion rate of all funnel stages? by lead source?
  • Where are the gaps in our sales process? Are their leads not being followed up on?
  • Can I measure funnel velocity and see how long our total marketing/sales cycle is?