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Let your product drive revenue growth through in-app engagement. We’re on the forefront of product-led growth adoption for B2B SaaS orgs and guide clients through product qualified lead (PQL) processes that become central to measuring down funnel success.

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Aligning Product with Marketing Technology

We work with clients to push in-app product usage data back to CRM and marketing automation platforms to support the prospect’s user experience of the product with helpful information on how they can maximize the product’s value relative to their business needs.


Marketing Aligned with Product Use

We feed product usage data back into your CRM and marketing automation platform, providing the ability to directly market to prospects against key features not being used. By understanding where prospects are not highly engaged with your product, we can market against this data to increase product engagement and in turn, the probability that prospects will generate revenue.

Opportunity Pipeline Analysis

Working backwards from your existing opportunity data, we're able to drive statistical correlation analysis between which product features are most likely to generate opportunity pipeline. With this knowledge, we're able to guide top-of-funnel marketing messaging in a manner that communicates the value of these features.

Additionally, mid-funnel email nurture programs can be designed to further communicate based on what we see prospects doing or not doing in the product, leveraging it as an opportunity to drive product engagement where it may other wise fall short.


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