Our History

Our Story

The story of Formulytic began in 2013, initially serving as a reseller for a top attribution modeling platform but soon after, went through an acquisition. We’ve since pivoted to serving small to midsize B2B companies with their overall demand generation and marketing operations strategies. We’ve been involved in this space since 2004 when the first digital marketing channels emerged. Today, We develop sales pipeline sourced from digital marketing programs, then back it up with the marketing infrastructure support needed to ensure optimal throughput through the marketing and sales funnel.

Our Services

Redefining the Digital Agency

We’re changing the way digital agencies operate. At Formulytic, you won’t find any account managers or sales people. Modern marketing organizations are lean and require a level of sophistication that traditional digital agencies can’t provide. Most track to outdated metrics that don’t correlate to a company’s bottom line. Whereas most digital agencies focus on acquisition, we’re meeting the needs of modern marketing teams by providing a complete end-to-end solution by augmenting their entire marketing operation from demand generation all the way through to the technical automation and CRM infrastructures required for moving prospects through the buyer journey to sales pipeline and revenue.

This is what today’s progressive marketing operation looks like. With content commoditization on the rise and an ever-increasing amount of overlap between earned and owned media, the next evolution of the agency will excel at deeper content engagement and the all-important means to an end – content distribution. Formulytic is positioned where most are afraid to venture, performance accountability and the willingness to go beyond topline metrics. We partner with your company to hold ourselves accountable to what matters most – generating revenue.

Typical Client Profile:
  • Audience: B2B (B2C secondary focus)
  • Products: SaaS technologies
  • Industries: Information technology, marketing, real estate, education
  • Revenue: $5MM – $20MM annual revenue (worked with companies as low as $500k)
  • Company size: 20 – 200 employees
  • Demand generation needs: Looking for ability to tie marketing program performance to revenue. Needs support in lowering avg. CPA and delivering ROI positive sales pipeline from marketing programs.
  • Marketing operations needs: Looking for ability to determine funnel stage conversion rates. Needs ability to forecast top of funnel spend based on marketing/sales funnel performance.

Chris Boulas, Founder & President

Chris has been in the digital marketing space for 10+ years. An Upstate NY native now residing in Southern California, Chris got his start providing SEM and SEO services to small business, which led to opportunities with Fortune 100 companies. Realizing he felt much more at home working with startups, the marketing programs he was responsible aided in growing 2 companies to $20+MM in annual revenue.

During this time, Chris took on marketing operations pieces of the business so not only was he responsible for building sales pipeline, but assumed responsibility for designing/managing the funnel needed to grow new prospects, facilitate database engagement, and govern the workflow that ensured funnel throughput to Sales.

Chris and his team now actively manage complete demand gen and marketing ops strategies for small to midsize businesses in various industries.

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